Tell me everything. I want to know what looks call to you. What colors you love, what designs just seem right.
But I also want to know about the vibe you’re giving this special day. What energy do you want it to convey? What song feels like this love? What is the secret something that gives you butterflies and makes you feel like you’re dancing in the clouds? These things are just as important to me, just as helpful to my understanding, as your color palette and favorite flower. Share with me what inspires you, how you want your florals to feel… and then let me bring the artistry to the moment, and have the flowers speak those things right back to you.

Now let us begin.....

Reach out. Tell me you’re ready, and I’m ready too. Is your vision clear? Are the ideas little whisps of beauty? Let me meet you where you are, so we can breathe life into something amazing together.

Once we are at an understanding of what this is to be, you will be presented with a quote. At the acceptance of this, you will be sent your personalized contract, and your invoice for the order. Once the retainer is paid, we move forward.

I will send a floral recipe for your approval. A detailed look at what will be put into the arrangements, specifically selected to curate the magic just for you. Once you’re at the point of feeling good about what you see, I will get the pieces I need, and get ready to create.

I am here for you. Any questions you have, thoughts you want to bounce around, or excited feelings you just need to release out into the world. Never hesitate to reach out to me— at this point, believe that I am just as obsessed with your day as you are, and am happy to talk about it with you!

The time has come. Whether it is a local pick up, a venue delivery and setup, or shipping it to where you are— it’s time for you to get your florals.

The Process

Needing to transform a beautiful venue and adorn everything (including
yourself) with flowers? Looking for just a couple of arrangements for an
intimate escape with your love? From grand weddings to sweet
elopements -

I’m here.

Out of state but in love with these Utah-based creations? Faux florals can be shipped to you, and arrive looking like they were freshly plucked from our garden!

let's do this!