My name is Aubrey, and I am so happy you’re here. I can hardly wait to learn about your passions, what draws your eye, what speaks to
your heart, and how we can make those things come to life for your beautiful day. My call is to translate the world’s magic into flowers. My
drive is to bring you an experience that is authentic and personal, and to
deliver artistic creations which speak to and for you.

Hello, Gorgeous

faux floral designer serving utah and beyond

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For the flowers of your dreams — whatever that may look like

I want you to be wildly in love with your flowers. Tell me what that means
to you, so I can make it happen. Whether in a beautiful venue close to
home, a tucked away piece of forest with dappled sunlight, or a coastline
where the waves splash states away. I am ready to create something just
for you. Through the magic of faux florals, you will never see a wilt or a
droop, and never lose a petal to the wind. With the love of an artist, you
will receive arrangements which lend their own voice to the story you
want to tell.

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